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This is a story about tradition, values, and dedication.

A "Made in Italy'' is a tradition that has never stopped, it has passed down from generation to generation, and now at Pampora, it's our mission to spotlight the trustworthy values and story of this process.

More than a brand.

Pampora Leather ®

As a smaller company, we know that people from across the globe come to us expecting handcrafted leather bags of the highest quality. We take pride in that, and never cut corners. Each of our items follows the centuries-old tradition of Italian craftsmanship, the passion for good quality materials, and apart love for handmade work.

The magic happens throught the hills of beautiful Tuscany - the land that breathes in the art of leather making for ages. The precious hands and happy faces of our artigiani speak volumes about their passion. They are pure inspiration for us, as designers, to design meaningful and thoughtful items with long-lasting features.

A family that has already become a part of my being. Growing up in the village, I spent all my time in the countryside near Venice. Having a strong connection to nature and great attention to all beauty around... makes things slowly and well become part of my DNA. A part of pieces are designed by me, but of course with the artisan's help is that "drop of magic" and I'm more than grateful for their support.

Qirra Co-founder

More than a brand.

Proud to represent our community of world-class Italian artisans.

No two bags are alike.

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Why buy 4 bags if you can buy one and make it last forever?

We know how important the issue of sustainability is in our days, and we ferm believe in the healthy integration within the ecosystem we inhabit.

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Leather origin

The manufacturing process of our bags is used only certified materials from brands responsible for sustainability, like YKK and Consorzio pelle vegetale.

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Product Care

To keep your beloved leather goods not only looking good on the outside but staying healthy on the inside.

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Everyone needs something special to add to their leather craft, which is why our personalization service is no exception. See details individually on the product page.



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