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City Explorer

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Leave a classy impression. The City Explorer Crossbody is one of the perfect on the go bags to hold all your essentials, including larger phones, wallet, make up essentials and glasses! Made of premium genuine leather and hard crafted with care and attention to detail. The City Exploreer has it all, durable, lightweight, breathable, scratch resistant, easy to store and easy to clean. This versatile bag can be worn with any outfit from every day to special occasions.

  • Single top reenforced zipper closure
  • Two interior Pockets (1 zipper pocket and 1 slip pocket)
  • 100% Genuine leather
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Polyester-lining 
  • Large capacity Size: 19x16x5 cm/7.48x6.30x1.97 in



Made & prepared by hand

This item is handmade by world-class artisans, using premium leather which lasts over the years. Due to the tanning process, no two bags are alike and colors may vary slightly from photos.

Designed for Unisex

Product Care

Take care of your leather goods

Periodically, your leather bag should be maintained and treated with a special wax. So, you keep your beloved leather goods not only looking good on the outside but staying healthy on the inside.

When it comes to your most important accessory, what is accompanied in your daily routine, leather is one of the most natural and versatile materials in the world. It’s got the potential to last for decades and that offers a wealth of benefits – from protection, comfort, style and more.

Quick instructions:

1. With a slightly damp cloth of water, cleanse the leather surface from old and discoloured waxes (slightly movements, not repetitive).

2. Then should be given a very light treatment with a special wax, and finally massage up with a soft clean cloth. Please do not use excessive quantities, and follow the manufacturer instructions.


Shop Leather Wax

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A unique touch on your leather item

Lovingly prepared by Pampora team, this item is exclusively personalized by hand, using only certified materials and intricate attention to every detail.

Stamping (left part)

The height of the initials are 9 mm (0.35 inches) and they are in UPPER CASE. We can stamp only on the outside of your item, on a flat surfaces.

You have 5 characters limit for the stamping form (represented on the left part of image). Which include also the symbols, like: ❤, ∞, ☾.
* Processing time: 2/3 business days


Engraving (right part)

We can engrave vectorial images, symbols and texts of any size, in any style. To proceed with engraving service, please contact us (or indicate all your requirements into the order notes).
* Processing time: 3/4 working days

Shipping & Returns

Wordwide Delivery

We prepare all deliveries by hand. depending on products avalibility Please allow 2 weeks to make your bag, plus up to 5 business days for delivery.

Shipping policy


Simple and easy return process with - no questions asked. You have 30 days from receipt of your item to return it to one of our return points located in Italy (Europe), U.S and UK.

Return policy

Lifetime Warranty

We cover manufacturing defects in leather workmanship and hardware with reimbursement of repair costs, item replacement or a gift certificate if the leather item is no longer available.


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