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Zoom Vintage Full Grain Leather Backpack for Laptop
Zoom Vintage Full Grain Leather Backpack for Laptop
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Zoom On A Mission
Zoom On A Mission
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On A Mission
Leather Backpack

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2 weeks made to order with 5-day shipping Estimated delivery:

Made & prepared by hands

This item is handmade by world-class Italian artisans, using premium leather which lasts over the years. Due to the natural tanning, no two bags are alike.


Keep your belongings in a durable pack with the On A Mission Leather Backpack. Designed to carry your essentials, this urban lifestyle companion fits everything you need for the entire day. The backpack comes with an internal pocket that offers protection for laptops or tablets. The bag’s exterior is complete with a zipper pocket as well to keep your important things at the hand. Aside from the pockets, the backpack offers plenty of free space for your belongings no matter what your adventures include.


    • Inside zipper pocket
    • 100% cotton lining
    • Tablet compartment
    • Multifunctional leather holders for cards and pencils
    • Adjustable leather shoulders, not removable
    • Available in 2 sizes

    SIZE & FIT

    • 12-inches tablet compartment
    • Holds A4 notebook

    Small Size - fits 14.3 inch laptop

    Width:28 cm / 14.15 inch
    Height: 36 cm / 11.0 inch
    Depth: 10 cm / 3.9 inch

    Large Size - fits 16 inch laptop

    Width: 32 cm / 14.96 inch
    Height: 38 cm / 12.59 inch
    Depth: 11 cm / 4.3 inch

    Only certified materials

    Premium Leather

    The Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium has created a guarantee certificate, equipped with a supply chain traceability system, that certifies the quality and origin of your leather item.

    Japanese YKK zippers

    The attention to the quality is guaranteed by our YKK suppliers, who continue to be at the forefront of the best quality details. The little parts that make the big difference.

    Cotton lining

    There is science in choosing the right lining fabric for your bag. We have selected the Made In Italy cotton, the quality that will speak for a long time of use.

    Size Guide


    • 12-inches tablet compartment
    • Holds A4 notebook

    Small Size - fits 14.3 inch laptop

    Width:28 cm / 14.15 inch
    Height: 36 cm / 11.0 inch
    Depth: 10 cm / 3.9 inch

    Large Size - fits 16 inch laptop

    Width: 32 cm / 14.96 inch
    Height: 38 cm / 12.59 inch
    Depth: 11 cm / 4.3 inch

    Product Care

    Take care of your leather goods

    Periodically, your leather bag should be maintained and treated with a special wax. So, you keep your beloved leather goods not only looking good on the outside but staying healthy on the inside.

    When it comes to your most important accessory, what is accompanied in your daily routine, leather is one of the most natural and versatile materials in the world. It’s got the potential to last for decades and that offers a wealth of benefits – from protection, comfort, style and more.

    Quick instructions:

    1. With a slightly damp cloth of water, cleanse the leather surface from old and discoloured waxes (slightly movements, not repetitive).

    2. Then should be given a very light treatment with a special wax, and finally massage up with a soft clean cloth. Please do not use excessive quantities, and follow the manufacturer instructions.


    Shop Leather Wax

    Read more


    A unique touch on your leather item

    Lovingly prepared by Pampora team, this item is exclusively personalized by hand, using only certified materials and intricate attention to every detail.

    Stamping (left part)

    The height of the initials are 9 mm (0.35 inches) and they are in UPPER CASE. We can stamp only on the outside of your item, on a flat surfaces.

    You have 5 characters limit for the stamping form (represented on the left part of image). Which include also the symbols, like: ❤, ∞, ☾.
    * Processing time: 2/3 business days


    Engraving (right part)

    We can engrave vectorial images, symbols and texts of any size, in any style. To proceed with engraving service, please contact us (or indicate all your requirements into the order notes).
    * Processing time: 3/4 working days

    Shipping & Returns

    Wordwide Delivery

    We prepare all deliveries by hand. Please allow 2/3 working days for order preparation, plus up to 4 business days for delivery.

    Shipping policy


    Simple and easy return process with - no questions asked. You have 30 days from receipt of your item to return it to one of our return points located in Italy (Europe), U.S and UK.

    Return policy

    Lifetime Warranty

    We cover manufacturing defects in leather workmanship and hardware with reimbursement of repair costs, item replacement or a gift certificate if the leather item is no longer available.


    Customer Reviews

    Based on 25 reviews Average Product Rating 4.8 stars
    5 Star Rating - 22 Customer Reviews (22)
    4 Star Rating - 2 Customer Reviews
    3 Star Rating - 1 Customer Review
    2 Star Rating - 0 Customer Review
    1 Star Rating - 0 Customer Review
    • C
      Ciara Harbison C. H. Ciara H.

      Product excellent, delivery time not accurate

      I'm not sure I want to leave this review. The product is beautiful, expertly crafted, great quality. The website said 2-3 business days delivery this was very misleading.

    • Awesome bag
      Lara L. Lara

      Awesome bag

      Awesome product, will definetely recommend!

    • Highly recommended
      Ellie G. E. G. Ellie G.

      Highly recommended

      Amazing product quality and customer service. I already recommended this to all my friends!

    • h
      heatherrousseau2 H. heatherrousseau2

      Very good quality material.

    • s
      siyavash S. siyavash

      This was delivered today with a hand-written note from Adele. It was a birthday present for my girlfriend and I was not sure if it would arrive on-time. However, despite all the complications the world is challenged with these days, I got it right on time and it is BEAUTIFUL. My girlfriend loves it, she cannot wait to use it. I was in Venice 4 years ago. I could not believe that something could bring me all the good memories from that city again. This leather bag could. Thanks Adele!

    • e
      elizabeth E. elizabeth

      A really well-made bag, worth every penny. Stylish and sturdy. The only thing I’d change is to add more notches to the straps of the bag. I found even at the highest of the three notches the bag still hung a bit too low on my back. I know I’ll be using the bag for many years though, so in future it would be easy to get more notches put in if I needed them.

    • s
      stephanie S. stephanie

      Excellent communication and customer service. I love my new bag and get compliments often. Thank you very much for designing a professional backpack.

    • a
      ann-marie A. ann-marie

      I love, love, love my bag! It is beautifully made, superb quality and just the right size to fit my tablet and a few other necessities. Highly recommended :)

    • s
      samira S. samira

      This is fantastic quality!! And the customer service was so friendly as well. I'm super happy with my purchase :-)

    • j
      jane J. jane

      I really love this bag, it’s a nice, structured leather that holds its shape without being too firm. On camera, the color doesn’t look the same as it does in person, but it is beautiful and rich, and the shiny gold zippers accent it wonderfully. However, I do wish it had an extra adjustment hole or two for the straps, there are only 3 holes but I can get more added so it’s not too big of a deal. :) love it!!!

    • e
      elizabeth E. elizabeth

      It is beautiful! I am really excited by the quality and look of this backpack. I also appreciate the wonderful communications and fantastic customer service.

    • b
      beth B. beth

      All I can say is Wow! Absolutely love it! The materials and the craftsmanship amazing. I’m so happy and plan to use it for many years! Thank you.

    • v
      victoire V. victoire

      It's pretty good.

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