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Bags need care and love.

Leather has a natural beauty that, unlike many materials, improves with age. Despite this, it needs proper care if you want it to tell your story for coming generations and last more than 100 years.

After years of use, the natural oils in the leather begin to dry. As it driesout, the surface may start to break, flake or wrinkle. To bring back those oils and keep the leather bags looking their best, needs to treat them regularly.


It's on us to find a solution and to bring you the best products. It wasn't difficult to find the best suppliers in this field, which brings the most effective solutions for more than 40 years.

Before / After

La FENICE is a family affair based in the beautiful hills of Northern Italy - Valdagno. For many years, they have been coming up with continuous innovations on how to properly and carefully take care of any type of leather. FENICE technology is a winner as they are working with the world's top brands, and we are more than proud to have this privilege.

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To create a natural and suitable proper moisturizer for our kind of leather, we had a meeting at the FENICE laboratory, so we tested what cream would be perfectly suited for us to provide that long-lasting protection.

Treated / Untreated

The apparent effect of the leather in contact with a drop of oil.

Well-made and cared leather products will last generations. This longevity means that leather can make an important contribution to a sustainable society that is looking to consume less and reuse more.

Our formula


Is my new leather bag already conditioned?

All Pampora's bags are already treated before shipping, so they will not need to be conditioned for a period.

How can I remove scratches from my leather bag?

Scratches can be easily removed by massaging the surface of the leather with a slightly damp cloth with a special wax.


Our leather wax is a perfect remedy for removing scratches and naturally treating it. Easily, you can follow the 3 simple steps described in the conditioner instructions.

How often should I moisturize my leather item?

If you live in a dry climate, we recommend doing this every couple of months to maintain the leather’s moisture using quality care products. If your climate is more humid, every 6 months to a year will suffice.

Can I use my bag in the rain?

Of course, singing in the rain is not the best for your bag, but a light sprinkle won't affect its look or longevity of it. Remember: Use a leather wax if your handbag was exposed to rain (preferable even in advance from its contact with water).


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